Changes on the Horizon

Rorschach Sepia Small Last month I made the decision to take my career in a new direction. With the goal of bringing my experience and knowledge to a wider audience, I am transitioning from the in-person, one-on-one, format of traditional personal training to a broader approach that will include online consulting and writing about weight loss, exercise and other wellness topics.

I’ve been hired to write fitness articles online for Demand Media Studios and am in the editing phase on my first book, a comprehensive guide to weight loss. I also hope to work one-on-one with individuals seeking to lose weight virtually through my new consulting service. Details can be found on my web site.

The enormity of this change hit me last night as I left the home of a client I’ve been working with for nearly five years. Over the years, I’ve developed close personal relationships with dozens of clients. Many of them will remain my friends after we’ve had our last session together. I will miss the personal interactions of those sessions and the chance they gave me to make a big impact in a few people’s lives. My hope going forward is that, by being able to reach a wider audience, I’ll make an equally big impact in the lives of many more.

I will continue posting to this blog regularly and if you like, you can keep tabs on what else I’m up to by following me on Facebook or Twitter.

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Hello - I am the owner of Full Potential Personal Training, located in Saint Paul, MN. I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, offering fitness and weight loss coaching in the Twin Cities area and nation-wide! Find out more about me and my services at
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  1. glory says:

    WOW, wonderful, exciting… Congratulations on new adventures!

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